Issue logging input to feed

Hi there,

I think this is an old issue, but I can’t seem to find the resolution.

When I try to log a new input to a feed, I get the error message;

I see plenty of discussion on this;

But I’m a bit mystified as to whether it was resolved. One thread suggested that updating emonhub was the answer, but I am nervous about doing this, because I am using an old RFM12Pi which doesn’t take kindly to the update button on emoncms.

Can someone point me in the right direction?


Chris - I still have the same issue on an emonPi and see the same message. Sometimes restarting the mqtt_input service will allow the feed to be created. Other times I need to restart the emonPi and then create the feed.

Thanks Jon. Might try that. Actually, I’m mostly using for monitoring as i need the remote access. I have no issue creating the feed on here. It’s just the local emoncms that has the issue.

I will try restarting mqtt as you said.