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Issue identified with Timed Charging + PV Divert

Hi all,

I have our charger set up with PV Divert plus off peak charging (Octopus Go). Recently I’ve identified an issue with this set-up:

Once an overnight charge happens, the charger then goes to sleep and won’t wake up even if there’s excess solar & space in the car battery. The only way to get it to recognise the excess solar and charge again, is to unplug the car and plug it back in, PV Divert then works as normal.

This has happened enough times now that I’m confident it’s not me, there’s an issue with the system. Is there something I can change in the settings so the car still gets a solar top-up even if it’s had a timed charge overnight?

Thanks in advance

What car do you have? Some have issues with resuming charging after a delay - my MG5 for example and I think the MG ZS EV too without a software update. I’ve heard rumours there’s an update for the MG5 available now too.

The solution is to switch from ‘Sleep’ to ‘Disable’ under ‘Pause Status’ in Advanced / Vehicle Settings’ on the OpenEVSE tab.

That allows my car to work fine but then breaks my wife’s Zoe charging so I had to revert it - her car gets charged most days whilst mine doesn’t.

Nissan Leaf 40kwh.

Don’t usually have issues with resuming charge, the solar charging will stop/start throughout the day hence my thought that this was a charger-side issue?

Edit, I should add that the charger is seeing the solar production just fine, it can show 2-3kw solar excess, and yet still won’t start charging if it’s done an overnight charge the night before.