Issue: Controller restarts and very slow Webinterface

Hi there
i have created my battery with 16s 280Ah Cells and it works so far - with issues:
I use v4.50 Boards with 10k firmware - have a roundtrip time of 800ms and no communication erros to modules or BMS-CAN to VictronCerbo - fine.
But Controller reboots every 10 to 30 minutes (now i have disabled InfluxDB v2 and think controller does not reboot)
The WebInterface needs up to 2 minutes !!! to load a page - and has a ping of 1000 to 2000 ms. so it is often not in sync and i have to reload page.
I think the controller has a cpu load of almost 100% (or more which causes reboots)

Can i have done something wrong while flashing which causes that behavior? (like cpu frequency or flash frequency) or any idea what i can do to find out thats wrong?

I have flashed 2023-12-27 firmware

## Diagnostics
SDK Version: v4.4.6-dirty
Min free Heap: 80864
Free heap: 114232
Heap size: 290220
Core dump task: sys_evt, cause:0x1c [Download]

Guru Meditation Error:sys_evt PC: 0x401b579b EXC_A: 0x801b5883 0x3ffd8620 0x3ffb6328 0xffffffff 0x0 0xffffffff 0x0 0x3ffe2ecc 0x3ffda6d0 0xnull EXCCAUSE: 0x1c EXCVADDR: 0x0 EXCTCB: 0x3ffd870c EPCX_REG_BITS: 0x111111 DUMPVER: 256 CORRUPTED: false ELF file SHA256: 31418cd666101b8d Backtrace: 0x401b579b:0x0 0x401b5880:0x0

Running tasks: 31

|Number|Name|Stack High Watermark|
| --- | --- | --- |