Is there: Sample Data, Demo or Fully Configured Import


As a new user I am trying to see/test the capabilities of emoncms. Is there a quick(ish) way to populate a site with sample data and feeds, or is there a demo site, or is there a location to import/restore a fully configured setup?

I’m just trying to save the many many hours this will take me (as a limited experienced rpi/lunix guy) to learn and setup to do testing if this will suit my needs as to reporting, graphs, dashboards etc etc and the ins and outs of using/seeing numerous generic data streams


I’ve created a demo account on my instance that you can play with. I’ll send you details via private message…

Thanks that’s incredibly nice of you!

I wouldnt want to screw anything up on your instance. Is there a way to export or back up your instance so I could import/restore in my account and fully mess around with it?