Is there a way of providing the necessary input to a Solis battery inverter

I am considering buying a Solis inverter that would normally be connected to the output of a smart meter. The model I am looking at is:

Is there a way of taking the output from my OpenEnergyMonitor and using it instead of a smart meter? The inverter has an RJ45 socket to connect to the smart meter, but I don’t know if this is a standard interface.
Any ideas gratefully received.


Hi, Paul.
I am not an expert on this, BUT. I had an opportunity to try connecting a different meter to a different inverter brand and I saw just plain text modbus read requests from the inverter to the modbus meter registers. And RJ45 has a normal two-wire RS485 A/B interface.
So basically, You should be able to connect any other devices that could mimic same registers with specific readings that the inverter tries to read.

I have a Solis S5-EH10-6K.

It talks to the smartmeter using modbus, and it is possible to emulate the smartmeter using a RS485 dongle and Python to feed it the values you want. You have to make a modbus server with pymodbus.

More details here:

Note if you do this, it must be fast and report values in real time, otherwise the inverter will lag behind the meter and it will not be able to regulate its own exported power properly.