Is it possible to get Ethernet using the RJ45 connector working on an emonPi or equivalent?

Is it possible to get the RJ45 network working on a emon PI or equivalent device? There is a lot of electrical magnetic interference in the area and we know by experience anything that is not wired will not work.


You can use the RJ45 connector - the one labelled “Ethernet”, not the one labelled “I/O” - and cabled Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi (or probably as well as, not that doing that is useful) to connect into your LAN.

Or is that not what you meant by “RJ45 network”?

ah ok, so the RJ45 network port on the right hand side (back on emon pi) picture is for networking, the (left hand side picture RJ45 - front of emon PI) is for other additional sensors?

Yes, an optical pulse sensors and multiple temperature sensors can connect to the other (non Ethernet) RJ45:

In fact, the pin usage for the RJ45 connector labelled “RJ45 I/O” is printed on the end plate.

You are not restricted to optical pulse sensors - you can use others, e.g. a magnetic reed switch. But you can have only one pulse sensor that uses interrupts.