Is COP is overrated when on Octopus Agile?

I have stopped considering the COP as I am wonding if it is not that important. This is because we are using the Octopus Agile tarrif. The chart I am now using calculates the effictive cost of each unit of heat and compares it to a gas boiler.

I suggesting that the influence of the cost of energy has a greater influence over the cost that the system’s COP rating.

I am interested in this same analysis done by CO2. I have not found yet a live feed for CO2 ratings from the National Grid.

Maybe worth checking out this:

Looks as though Kate is getting it from:

COP & cost of running are linked but focussing on COP doesn’t strictly speaking mean you get the most cost effective way of running your system.

COP is important to ensure that your system is running efficiently & cost effective (when running) i.e. you get 3kw of heat for 1kw of electricity.

Once this is in place you can then ensure you run the system in the most cost effective way for you - which heats your house to a comfortable level.

If electricity wasn’t expensive I think people would focus less on COP. I think it’s good that it’s forcing people to have the most efficienct system in place.

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