IoTaWatt wont start

Hi Guys! :slight_smile:

I accidentally formatted my SD card and now it wont boot…
the log says:

Serial Initialized
No clock yet: SPI started.
No clock yet: SD initialized.
2/28/18 07:44:34 Real Time Clock is running. Unix time: 1519803874
2/28/18 07:44:34 Version: 02_02_30
2/28/18 07:44:34 Reset reason: External System
2/28/18 07:44:34 Trace: 130,42322,26118,28029,23220,50324,49425,51159,45819,41344,54639,60156,4391,29491,31789,7365,34470,64444,54994,5001,8854,53348,18748,39541,11524,50619,33037,36402,25744,25758,37572,20444
2/28/18 07:44:34 ESP8266 ChipID:192095
2/28/18 07:44:34 Config file open failed.
2/28/18 07:44:34 Configuration failed
2/28/18 07:44:34 Program halted.

Any idea to get the configuration on the SD card again?
Thank You in Advance :slight_smile:

You need seven files in the SD card root directory. You can find the latest versions in the IoTaWatt git at

There is a directory called SD that contains the files. Download the git and copy the files from the directory SD to your SD card. Should boot up fine after that.