IotaWatt VT for 3 Phase

Hi all,

I’m very interested in installing an IoTaWatt instead of a Fronius Smart Meter when we get our solar installed. One of the major benefits is the limited installation space required - our main Meter board is fairly full, and the second benefit is that I’d be able to monitor more than just the consumption of the overall household.

But, considering we’ve got 3 phases, and the space limitations - I’m not really that sure I want to install 3 x powerpoints for the 3 x 9V AC transformers to read the voltage from each phase…

I’m considering making a simple Voltage Box using 3 PCB style transformers wired up to each of the 3 phases and then with 3.5mm plugs on the outside of the box. Is there any reason that this wouldn’t work? I know the calibration would need to be checked, but I’m assuming that apart from that, it’s much neater than trying to fit 3 power points etc.

Is there any minimum current that these transformers would need to provide? I’m assuming that 1.5 VA should be plenty?