IoTaWatt to emoncms, inputs to feeds, just can't see the wood for the trees


I have installed a IotaWatt system in my 3 phase home, the system is working as expected.

Now I am branching out and sending the data to emoncms, natural progression to ultise the super amazing PV generation/usuage displays etc.
I need help, I can get part of the way but not to the endgame :frowning:

I have the input work fine into emoncms, they are green and working well

Then I followed the documentation, click on the Cog in the top RHS to ‘Configure a device’, and select Solar PV Type 2

Once created I am displayed with the Initialize device page

Once I initialise, I can see the 2 created feeds, but they are both red, as they are not tied to inputs 2 & 3 which are the Iotawatt

The feeds have beem created however are RED as well as obviously they are not mapped to the correct inputs.

Has anyone resolved this issue previously ?, I am totally stuffed on how to proceed.
Is there an edit function to allocated feeds or move things so that the correct inputs are used i.e. 2 & 3, and not the ones created by the auto generation tool ?

Any help ideas or how to make this work would be amazing

Hello @unfknblvbl the device templates for automatic setup are not suitable for your input names unfortunately so you want to configure the input processing manually without using the ‘Configure Device’ approach. There are examples of what the input processing should look like here: Solar PV - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor let us know how you get on