IotaWatt Sample Rate and Emoncms Node in Node-Red

Hi Everybody,

I have a question on the sampling rate of the IotaWatt. Currently my setup is a Iotawatt that is pushing its data to a Raspberry Pi with a local emoncms server installed. This data gathered by Node red and sent out to a server.

So my question is why is it that there is a 35-40 channels per second sampling speed rating for Iotawatt but am only getting a data point every 5 seconds on emoncms.

Note iotawatt.local limits the transaction speed to speed upload every 5 seconds.

Any help with that question would be highly helpful.

Lastly, a question for those who have worked with Node red and the emoncms node. My question is what is the type of data format that emoncms node receives from emoncms? is it an MQTT data packet from emoncms or is it a HTML protocal packet.

The debug node on the Emoncms node shows an output of { topic: “work”, payload: 0, _msgid:"279773dhf7.6873h, rc;200 } where the payload and msdid change with time.

thanks in advance for any help with these questions.

The first part of this question is a cross-post - see IotaWatt Sample Rate - #2 by overeasy

It is just a number:
41 PM

The other items ( i.e., topic & msgid ) are pass thru items from the node before the emoncms in node.