IoTaWatt: EmonService: get input list failing, code: -4

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Hello All,
New to this, my linux is rusty but I’m following along with the great instructions.

I’ve “built” an emoncms on a new pi 3B. Etchered the SD image and have everything running well.
(One note is my SD card is 128 GB (i just had it))

Problem is IotaWatt is not posting to the emoncms.
I followed the Troubleshooting
Fixed time zone but everything else was OK.

IotaWatt Logfile:

12/11/18 17:14:43 EmonService: started. url=emoncms.local:80, node=IotaWatt2, interval=10
12/11/18 17:16:04 EmonService: get input list failing, code: -4

Oh… and it works posting to

Any tips???

URL emoncms.local does not look correct.

Are you trying ti post to your local Emoncms server running on your RasPi?

The Emoncms URL in the IoTAWatt webserver config should be the same URL address you use to access your Emoncms. If your using our emonSD this will be http://emonpi/emoncms or http://emonpi.local/emoncms. There is also a chance that local hostname lookup will not work on your network and you will need to use IP address of your RasPi instead e.g http://192.168.X.XX/emoncms

This is a IoTaWatt issue not a emonPi / Emoncms issue. I’ve moved this to the IoTaWatt section of the forum. For best IoTaWatt support please see the IoTaWatt forum:

problem solved. Feeling more than a little bit of an idiot at this moment.
I thought it was a problem with my emonpi config (.org working)


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