IoTaWatt connecte to Wifi but can not see it or ping it

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Good afternonn

I received today my IoTaWatt and I followed the instructions to connect it to my office’s wifi network: I connected to the IoTaWattXXXX wifi network and introduced the name and password of my wifi office network. The led turned green and stayed green, everything looks good.

But when I try to go with the next step:

  • I connect my computer to the same wifi network, but the addres http://iotawatt.local doesn’t work
  • using a software tool, I find and see the IP address the IoTaWatt is getting, but it doesn’t communicate anyway and somehow I can not ping it, it doesn’t respond to a ping.
  • Everytime I turn it on and off it connects to the same network and there isn’t anything I can do.
  • So I can’t reset the system to begin from zero using another network, neither enter to the device configuration menu.

Please, Any idea on how to reset the IoTaWatt to factory setting so I can start again?
If not, Any other idea to move forward with the configuration stage?

I am quite disappointed at this point, I asked my company to buy it thinking that it would be very easy to configure and I find this problem.

Any idea? Thank you very much for your time


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