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IoTaWatt connecte to Wifi but can not see it or ping it

Good afternonn

I received today my IoTaWatt and I followed the instructions to connect it to my office’s wifi network: I connected to the IoTaWattXXXX wifi network and introduced the name and password of my wifi office network. The led turned green and stayed green, everything looks good.

But when I try to go with the next step:

  • I connect my computer to the same wifi network, but the addres http://iotawatt.local doesn’t work
  • using a software tool, I find and see the IP address the IoTaWatt is getting, but it doesn’t communicate anyway and somehow I can not ping it, it doesn’t respond to a ping.
  • Everytime I turn it on and off it connects to the same network and there isn’t anything I can do.
  • So I can’t reset the system to begin from zero using another network, neither enter to the device configuration menu.

Please, Any idea on how to reset the IoTaWatt to factory setting so I can start again?
If not, Any other idea to move forward with the configuration stage?

I am quite disappointed at this point, I asked my company to buy it thinking that it would be very easy to configure and I find this problem.

Any idea? Thank you very much for your time



@Cgamarra, how did you solve that challenge? I am experiencing the same problem here.

I suggest The IoTaWatt forum is a better place to ask a question that is specifically about the operation and use of IoTaWatt. That is managed by Bob Lemaire, its creator, and he and the other users there are more likely to have the specific knowledge to help you.

The IoTaWatt forum uses the same software as this forum, but you must register a new account there. If the user name you have here is not taken, it might be helpful to have the same user name in both places.

If you post your question there, I’m sure he or somebody will get back to you quickly.