IoTaWatt auto-update status

auto-update ALPHA is now 02_03_01.

Current update classes are:

MAJOR: 02_02_30
MINOR: 02_02_30
BETA: 02_02_30
ALPHA: 02_03_01

As IoTaWatt hits the street, there are a variety of questions, issues, and design requests. To address some of these inquiries, I will be rolling out new releases of the software. Some will contain diagnostic code to try to resolve a problem, some will be feature related, and some a combination of the two.

IoTaWatt has an auto-update feature so that you can subscribe to a particular level of updates and your device will check hourly for updates, updating and restarting automatically when the current release for your update class changes.

The update class is set in the Device Configuration menu and can be set to one of these choices:

MAJOR - The current major release. This would be the most stable and tested.

MINOR - A possibly more recent release than MAJOR including enhancements and fixes that have been in the field long enough to inspire confidence.

BETA - Development release with new features and fixes that have been running on ALPHA class devices for a few days without major problems.

ALPHA - New code that has only been run on a few of my development IoTaWatt. This is the bleeding edge, and users who elect to subscribe here will get the latest, but should be aware that anything goes and their device could be bricked, requiring reloading ESP firmware through the USB port.


Current update classes are:

MAJOR: 02_02_21
MINOR: 02_02_21
BETA: 02_02_23
ALPHA: 02_02_24

02_02_24 has been running in ALPHA machines for several days without incident and seems to recover well from timeout issues posting to Emoncms, especially with poor WiFi connection. I’ll be moving BETA to that release later today and if all goes well, will make 24 the MINOR release in a few days as well.

Current update classes are:

MAJOR: 02_02_21
MINOR: 02_02_24
BETA: 02_02_24
ALPHA: 02_02_24

Will be changing ALPHA to 02_02_25 soon. This new release has significant changes:
Extend datalog capacity to 15 years (from 1.3 years).

Add app support for saving local graphs and for daily - annual mode graphs. This should round out the local graph app to support all of the functions available when it is used with Emoncms.

I expect that these changes will take several weeks of ALPHA/BETA deployment before becoming the MINOR release.

Great, nice work @overeasy. I’ll close this topic to force replies on new specific topics. You as an admin will still be able to edit / add new updates.

02_02_27 will go ALPHA tomorrow morning, replacing
02_02_26. Everything else will remain the same but expect 02_02_27 to quickly move through BETA to MINOR if no problems develop.

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02_02_27 has rolled out to ALPHA with no issues reported.
It will become the BETA auto update release today, and
if no issues, will become the MINOR release on Friday.

For those currently on 02_02_24, this release will create a new history log, which will complete up to an hour after installation. Data logging is not interrupted, and access to the log for graphing is seamless throughout the upgrade process.

02_02_27 is now the current MINOR auto-update version.

MAJOR auto-update class will become 02_02_27 on Dec 13, 2017.
This will complete the conversion to the new log format for all users that are subscribing to auto-update.

Can I suggest you use the month name in your dates, because in the UK, we don’t have 13 months in the year?

(I got caught by this when I was organising IEE events: Even though I always published dates in dd Mon yy format, another Institution had used all-numbers and transposed month and day, and someone emailed me in June requesting tickets for an event that had happened on 7th December previously. They were disappointed.)

Thanks, I changed the date.

ALPHA is now 02_02_28. This release implements derived three phase support (only one VT required). The WiKi on github will be updated later today.

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ALPHA is now 02_03_01. This release introduces asynchronous HTTP for posting to Emoncms as well as checking and downloading firmware updates. It makes the UDP NTP time check operate more asynchronously as well.

Power factor is now included in the data log, although enhancements to the API to retrieve it as well as graph enhancements are not yet available.

A problem with feed list not appearing in local graphs has also been fixed.