IotaWatt and Australian Mains

Just a couple of questions
1 - Aussie main (single phase) is 50Hz/230V - same or similar to UK
I assume iotawatt is OK for this?

2 - Aussie ebay is selling YHDC - SCT-013 CTs with 3.5 mm plugs YHDC-SCT013
I assume these are OK ?

3 - The voltage reference power supplies dont have aussie plugs,
I can put in a UK-AUS plug adapter ?

4 - Any standard 5V USB power supply is ok - I have heaps from old phones ?


Specifically SCT013-000 (100A:50ma). Be careful to avoid the voltage types - SCT013-050, SCT013-030, SCT013-020, SCT013-005.

You can use the UK AC reference.

Negative. Those old phone supplies are chargers, not power supplies. I would recommend a USB power supply intended for a raspberry Pi. If you need a recommendation, I suggest a CUI. You should be able to get one with an Australian plug.

Thanks for the reply, fantastic
I have a number of Raspi power supplies I can use :wink: