IoT / SIGFOX communication

Has anyone used a SIGFOX radio board and sent data via SIGFOX rather than the network port?

I am looking to develop a cheap commercial meter reader - pulse, mod bus and CT measurement - which is connected by SIGFOX (an IoT / M2M rf network) and runs on a battery.

There are SIGFOX data collecting devices from Adeunis but they don’t have a CT solution, only a pulse counter.

Going to hack the pulse probe from and see if they will work together. Just need to sort a power supply via batteries for the pulse probe.

Any plans to develop something similar for the emon?


Unfortunately not, but it would be great indeed to see some interfacing options between Open Energy Monitor and Sigfox…

I would be particularly interested in sending data from the Solar PV Monitor to distant servers.

There are some solar monitoring devices developed on Sigfox, such as Tecsol One, but it would be great to see more of them.