iOS Emoncms app on iPad?

Does it work? I’m curious!

Could any ipad users post some screen grabs so we can add some ipad screen grabs to the Itunes app store description:

Hi @glyn.hudson / Hi @mattjgalloway ,

is there an iPad version available?
The app store provides an iPhone version only.
Screenshots from an iPad wouldn’t look great.


Ah, my mistake. I did not realise that unlike Android tablet apps, iphone apps don’t scale up automatically. No, I’m afraid there is not a iPad version available at present.

Yeh, it works on iPad but just the iPhone app in compatibility mode.

I plan to make an iPad version, but it’ll need a little bit of work to make it feel good.

But you can use it currently on an iPad. It’ll just be the same but looking quite big.

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I have an iPad mini retina. Seems to work fine for now. Thank you

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