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iOS Emoncms app on iPad?

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Does it work? I’m curious!

Could any ipad users post some screen grabs so we can add some ipad screen grabs to the Itunes app store description:

Hi @glyn.hudson / Hi @mattjgalloway ,

is there an iPad version available?
The app store provides an iPhone version only.
Screenshots from an iPad wouldn’t look great.


Ah, my mistake. I did not realise that unlike Android tablet apps, iphone apps don’t scale up automatically. No, I’m afraid there is not a iPad version available at present.

Yeh, it works on iPad but just the iPhone app in compatibility mode.

I plan to make an iPad version, but it’ll need a little bit of work to make it feel good.

But you can use it currently on an iPad. It’ll just be the same but looking quite big.

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I have an iPad mini retina. Seems to work fine for now. Thank you

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