iOS app version 1.1 released!

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Today I have released v1.1 of the iOS app to the App Store!

This is a very big update that includes the following:

  • iPhone X/XS screen size support.
  • MySolar app.
  • MySolarDivert app.
  • Multi-account.
  • Today extension.
  • iPad enhanced version.
  • Refreshed interface.
  • Search the feed list.
  • Dashboard list.
  • Input list.
  • Lots of bug fixes.

The new apps look like this:

And the new feed list looks like this:

Go and grab the app from the App Store now!


Well done @mattjgalloway, looks impressive, I have pinned this announcement for a couple of weeks so less frequent visitors might not miss that news.

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It’s a big improvement. Thanks

A few minor things that could be improved:

In MySolar, change text colour of the import/export amount at top of screen to green when exporting. Also change colour of “Grid” to green when amount is negative

The labels could do with some tweaking:

  • On quite a few charts the labels get very crowded
  • On the 2nd page of MySolar the labels are always weekday. For Month view, this should be changed to day of month. For Year view, it should be changed to month, or date.

These are all great suggestions! I don’t know why I didn’t do some of them myself! I guess can’t see the wood for the trees when doing a huge update like this.

Anyway - keep suggestions coming!


Thanks for a great improvment.

The MySolarDivert is great and is nice to have the same info as the emoncms web apps.

One other thing I thought was really great was the addition of the input list, but when I click on inputs I get the message “Cannot Fetch Inputs, You may need to upgrade Emoncms to be able to fetch inputs. Please check that your Emoncms is up-to-date and then try again.”

My phone links to my account rather than the local emonpi. Is this something that should work, or are we waiting for an update of the



Ah yes, will need updating @TrystanLea did an update of stable branch for the open source repo. But perhaps that hasn’t propagated to yet. Apologies for that. That’s my fault for not checking on that specifically!

Stay tuned!


I can connect locally to my Emoncms runing on my emonpi but if i try to connect from outside my network I get an error saying https is required, is there any way around this?

thanks, Alex

This is correct - you have to be using HTTPS. It’s an Apple requirement. I have put exceptions in for emonpi, *.local and *.home, so if you’re using those for within your local network then you’re fine. But externally, you must be using HTTPS. I recommend using letsencrypt to get a certificate for your own domain - it’s free!

Thank you for the updated iOs app.

I have an alternative solution to the https problem. I am running emoncms on a raspberry pi. My pi is also running a Wormhole via dataplicity, which basically makes the web server on the pi available at an external https address.



Ah yes, Dataplicity is awesome we use it ourselves. I documented how to set up Dataplicity on an emonPi:

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Whoo! :tada:

Thanks a lot @mattjgalloway, this update is super nice. It’s been really great working with you.

@TrystanLea is working on updating to fix the Input list issue

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This version is not running properly on my iPhone X. I am facing iTunes has an invalid signature error. Please help me to fix this properly.

Are you running the TestFlight version? Those expire so you might need to update to the App Store version.