Inverter and diverter purchase advice

Hi Foks,

Just looking at some Solar panels (actually the Solar Tiles to fit into a NuLock roof) and wondering about an inverter and a diverter.

Any advice on what to look for?

Certainly something with a good and preferably local API.


The MyEnergi Eddie is a good inverter based diverter, works great in a simple soak up any remaining PV via it’s own CT, I think MyEnergi do do a hub with some API options but not familiar with it Im afraid. The other option would be a triac based diverter e.g: or

Sorry for brining up an older thread (well not that old) but I wanted to add to avoid the iBoost - it works brilliantly but the protocol is closed so while they sell a display you can buy (wireless) you cannot integrate it into EmonCMS.

The Eddie seems a good product because you can use the Harvey Wireless CT to monitor the incoming tail if its hard to reach, plus if you go EV with a Zappi they can work together rather than fight each other (is the theory - looking at a Zappi but not sure I can justify the Eddie when I have the iBoost working)

The other thing to consider is your immersion, after about 6 years mine both failed (very hard water area, I have a large tank the builder installed so top/bottom elements - both iBoost and Zappi and others support two heaters). I had a plumber replace them with ones I sourced online to fit but got upgraded titanium heater elements. If your tank is old might be worth checking/replacing the element - they are not expensive.

They work really well to self-consume your excess, its been overcast today but the water was still hot late morning, it then heated it a bit later in the day, and again at the end (probably kids came home and ran the tap a bit and it stirred the tank - you do get “stratification” where the top is hot and the bottom is not when it stands).


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Interesting ( Would be nicer if it didn’t use a propriety 868 MHz protocol - why are manufacturers so protective of the data (my data). Really irritating. Someone might reverse engineer it so you could use rtl_433 to pick the data up.

But using the CT energy to power the data transmission is a nice touch (probably not accurately described) @TrystanLea @Robert.Wall.

Yea, right. What data does it transmit - a snapshot rms value every 10 seconds or so - just like the old emonTx using emonLib used to do, like all the other “approximate” energy monitors seem to do?

Until they or somebody publishes exactly what it does - rather than sales blurb - I remain sceptical.

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