Interfacing to Mixergy hot water tank?

Has anyone used the Mixergy API to grab status information from the Mixergy hot water tank? I have seen a reference to their API, but I can’t find any more details. I would like to be able to get the hot water tank temperature and current hot water level, for example.

Email their tech team and they will send the documents. I have it in node red where I can see the charge level top and bottom temps etc. I can also start and stop boosts

Tom Mcguinness Home Assistant integration is fab.


Thanks very much for the reply. I’m new to OpenEnergyMonitor, but have got to grips with the inputs, feeds, graphs and Dashboard to a reasonable extent. I used to be able to do programming though I am a bit rusty to be honest.

Does the integration with the Mixergy need an interfacing section added to emoncms? I’d be grateful of any hints on an approach that works with your integration example.

I’ll get in touch with Mixergy to get the details of the API.

Thanks again for your assistance.


I use Tom’s Home Assistant integration to get the cylinder SOC and temps, then use a timed push every 5 mins from HA to emoncms.

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