Interfacing current sensor with Raspberry PI

I want to monitor current,voltage,active power,reactive power,apparent power,power factor,power consumed and tariff for it.How to interface current sensor and voltage sensor with raspberry pi! I have installed openhab and open energy monitor binding…please send me circuit diagram and how to code!!

That is called an emonPi. You can buy one from the shop, or you can download all the code, circuit diagram, PCB manufacturing drawings etc, have the pcbs made, source all the components and build your own.

No I want to build on raspberry pi not to buy emonpi

Take some time to read through the learn section and resources and I’m sure you’ll find what you are looking for.

If you have a pi, then you’ll need at least one emonTX and an rfm69pi and you’ll have to follow the instructions to set up a pi with the emoncms software.


Not necessarily, @praveen_kumar could replicate the analogue / Atmel328P board that’s inside the emonPi (and if he read my earlier response properly, that’s where I steered him towards), leave off the radio and use the serial interface, or he could start from first principles with an add-on ADC for his RPi. If he does that, he’s faced with developing the hardware and software himself and making sure he doesn’t make a fundamental design mistake, whereas if he copies an existing design that’s known to work, the scope for errors is more limited.