Interfacing a ZJ Beny EVSE

I am currently considering a Chinese EVSE that seems good value for money.
This EVSE will possibly be part of a bulk buy in conjunction with our local Community owned energy reseller ´Enova Energy´ based in Byron Bay, NSW, Australia (as part of our bulk buy used Nissan Leaf EV buy).
The reason I am attracted to this charger is it has the option of OCPP, which will give Enova the option of Load shedding during periods of excessive use.
My Solar PV system is too complicated to use the simple DLB monitoring box that this Beny EVSE can use that connects to the EVSE with RS485 & has Current transformers for Solar PV & house supply line to maximise PV usage (& other options). I guess this box communicates with Modbus (why would they use another protocol?), so I may be able to capture the Serial stream to decode it, with a view of directly controlling the Beny EVSE with a DIY interface system (probably rPi) from my EmonCMS server.
I know these EVSEs are sold in Europe, so I was wondering if anyone had looked at one?

I am looking at installing the sample we buy to check it out. Once installed, I can have a play!