Interfacer conflicts

Hello All:

I have an ESP32, reading a BME280, that is reliably logging data in emonCMS. Sometimes the log shows that the data frame is caught by the serialdirect interfacer and everything happens as I intend.
However, more often than not, the emonpi2 interfacer catches the data frame, declares it invalid and the data frame is ignored. This is the comport /dev/ttyAMA0 that I was using in the serial direct interfacer.
That same comport was used by the EmonPi2 interfacer. I cured the problem by getting the EmonPi2 to look at comport /dev/ttyUSB0. After that, the data frame was caught by the serialdirect interfacer every time.
Is this the proper way to deal with a conflict where two interfacers listen on the same comport?

I also have a second ESP32, reading 4 x DS18B20, communicating by MQTT that reliably publishes data to emonCMS. This data is logged successfully and works as I intend.

This data does not appear in the log.
Does this data need an interfacer and a node?
There is a MQTT interfacer listed in the config file.

Best Regards:
Andrew McIvor