Integration with custom MQTT Broker

Hey folks, greetings from the Farset Labs Hackerspace in Northern Ireland

We previously had a stand alone emonpi installation that was ticking over nicely, however we’ve had a major renovation of the space that made sense for us to do a “rehash”, and one of the things we decided to do was to have a central MQTT broker for everything happening in the space.

Is there any instruction somewhere regarding how to get the emonpi to use an external broker rather than it’s internal one? Or to “double post” to both its internal broker and an external one?


You need to edit the settings in the emonhub (which pushes the data) and the settings (ini or php) file (which reads the data).

Thanks @borpin for responding, but I found a simpler solution for what we were thinking of actually; MQTT Bridges: creating a conf.d/bridge.conf as below worked for our (currently public) setup.

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connection bridge-fsl

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I’ve never played with bridges - glad you found a solution.

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