Integrating with Tomorrow & ElectricityMap to track GHG emissions

Hi OpenEnergyMonitor community,

I’m reaching out from Tomorrow, a Danish/French project that aims at measuring all ones CO2 emissions passively , based on integrations with other services (we already integrate with Tripit, Uber, Danish utility companies, French Smart Meter etc). We’re also the team behind the ElectricityMap, a map that allows you to check the CO2 emission of your country’s electricity.

I’m reaching out to this community, in the hope to get help to build the integration with the OpenEnergyMonitor (it was actually one of our first ideas last year)..

You can see how a current utility integration looks in our app:

You can find our website here, with links to our github and our slack community.

If you can’t help out with code, we’d be super grateful to get feedback, ideas, people we should reach out to, or other tools you believe we should integrate with.

Thanks again for the inspiration over the years!