Integrating emoncms with Home Assistant

Sorry folks, another new user here who is struggling with HA integration.

I’m following the guide here: Emoncms - Home Assistant

I’ve edited my configuration YAML in HA, I thought this was all that was needed but I can’t see the sensors?

I do receive these warnings when checking configuration prior to restarting HA, so clearly I’ve missed something, but I’m not sure what exactly…

Any advice appreciated.

I should add that I’ve done nothing else…I can see this page on GitHub, do I need to “add” this somehow to my HA instance?

Mine looks like this. You need to start with the “sensor:” on a new line and then “- platform” indented below it and, obviously, your emon IP address and key.

  - platform: emoncms
    api_key: 7dexxxx
    id: 1
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And then things show up as “entities”

Ha, what a simpleton - thanks so much, YAML is now correctly entered and the config check is no longer complaining.

No feeds showing yet but I think I see a possible reason why (no feeds showing when I log onto local emonhp pi), so I’ll try and address that next!

Do I need to set up feeds within emoncms first, so that the entities show? Or should all entities show anyway when on the same network?

I was considering replicating the same sort of graph view that I already get from, but in a HA dashboard instead…not sure if that’s possible.

I haven’t set these up on Home Assistant yet (but I have looked at the graphs). Because it’s entities I think the integration with HA is going to be involved.

This is how I have it configured:

  - platform: emoncms
    api_key: putyourapikeyhere
    url: http://emonpi.local
    id: 1
    scan_interval: 60
      - 63
      - 71
      - 95
      - 74
      - 96
      63: "Emonpi Heat Energy Total"
      71: "Emonpi Heat Energy CH"
      95: "Emonpi Heat Energy DHW"
      74: "Emonpi Electrical Energy CH"
      96: "Emonpi Electrical Energy DHW"

The sensors all appear with the defined names.

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Thanks Andre.

Where are you getting the feed # from? Are you assigning that yourself when you create each feed on the emonpi?

They are autoassigned on feed creation. If you just hover over the feed in the feed list, it will show you the ID:


Got it, I can see them as entities now! Huge thanks to @Andre_K and @jchidley for helping out a dumb newbie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh damn. Is the sensor_names a new feature?
Emoncms - Home Assistant (
If not, how did I miss that?