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Installing OpenHab on emonpi base sdcard

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I have been using emoncms for the last couple of months. I am wanting to start to play around with OpenHAB so I followed the instructions to install through the OpenHabian project by downloading the openhabian card image file (xz compressed) and then writing the image to the card using “Etcher” as described here:
I didn’t get an option to install to a subfolder on the sdcard.
Now when I put the SD card back into the pi I get the following error " emonpi ’s server IP address could not be found."
I am worried that I have overwritten emoncms and all my data that I have been logging.
Can someone help please?

Hi Duncan,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you wrote the OpenHabian image to the same card that
emonCMS was on, then you’ve indeed lost everything on that card.

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Thanks Bill. That’s a shame but I guess all part of the learning curve for me.
So I guess my next questions are

  1. Where should I have put the openhab image? It maybe too late for me but could save others from making the same mistake.
  2. What are my options now? I assume emoncms and openhab can reside on the same sdcard? In which case, can I just reload emoncms to the same card? How do I ensure not to overwrite the openhab?

What you need to do is install OpenHab as opposed to writing the image to the card.

Yes, emonCMS and OpenHab can exist on the same card. In fact, up until a couple of years ago,
the emonCMS image included a copy of OpenHab.

I’m not sure whether the best way would be to write the OpenHabian image then install emonCMS,
or to burn the emonCMS image and install OppenHab.

Perhaps @borpin can help shed some light on this one.

The image is just that, a disk image not an installable package. Anytime you use Etcher you are erasing the whole card (it does warn you).

Never assume anything.

While in theory you can, my advice is don’t. The SD card for emoncms is optimised for writing data without degrading the card and as such where you would normally install OpenHab to, has very little free space.

Best thing is to use etcher and put the emoncms image back onto the card.

You could put openhab on an old Laptop or on a second Pi. Personally I’d go for Home Assistant but YMMV.

Thanks for all your help. I reloaded emoncms. All my feeds are restored locally from the server version. I have ordered myself a new pi and will look at installing home assistant.