Installing Emonhub on a PC


I am trying to install Emonhub on a NUC intel mini PC running Debian Jessie.
I have been following these instructions( ) but the installation fails because the file structure of my system is different from a Pi.
After some tweaking I manage to get the emonhub running and posting to MQTT. However the Emoncms MQTT Input Service is not running. Hence no input are appearing.
Data is sent to the PC via USB by an emontx shield mounted on an arduino. I can see data being posted to emonhub.

Any idea how I can fix the issue of Emoncms MQTT Input Service not running ?
Is there a “proper” instruction to install correctly emonhub on a PC rather than a PI ?

Thanks :wink:


How have you installed emoncms?

Jessie has some quirks around systemd units and that may be the issue.


I have installed Emoncms using this method:
I think Emoncms is working fine. If I send data trough http I can see the feeds appearing into Emoncms
The problem is with emonhub. The tutorial I used is for a pi board and not a PC.

I have also tried to install Emoncms on Ubuntu 16.04 (Debian Xenial). Emoncms is working Ok, however I can not install emonhub because in here ( I can find instructions only for Jessie or Wheezy.

Any idea how to install correctly Emonhub on a PC ?

We really need to find the time to sort out these docs as they are not really accurate but the focus tends to be on RPi systems.

This may help (follow the MQTT link) However, there are issues with this on non Stretch setups. You may also find you need some additional Modules as well.

If you do have a Stretch base OS, then you might find more luck with some scripts that are in Alpha stage at the moment - we hope these will effectively replace the install scripts for other Linux OSs eventually.

In the emonhub config file, you should find an HTTP interfacer that uses the HTTP interface to send data to If you change that host to your local IP address, and add in the API key, it should work (or if you use an account - copy the interface definition).