Installing emoncms on Raspbian Stretch


I have a Raspberry Pi3 model B and I’m an total beginer in Linux and similar programs. I want to built an electrical energy monitoring system with my own sensor parts, but with a Raspberry Pi gateway to emoncms for user interface. I get till the part where I need to install emoncms on my Raspberry Pi. The SD card was built after the instructions on the Raspberry Pi web page, so I got the latest OS Raspbian stretch on which I have this main problem that command is unable to locate package php5-redis.
Can anyone sugest a solution for this or some forum with similar problems?
Thank you for reading this,

Arvils is the build guide I followed when installing onto my own Raspbian image (instead of downloading the standard Emon SD image). Is that what you’re following?

That guide is based on Raspbian jessie though, not Raspbian stretch.

This search of Debian packages suggests that php5-redis is only available for wheezy, jessie and sid (sid is the name of the dev branch of Debian), not for stretch…

It is possible to add the jessie repository to your apt repositories which would probably allow you to get php5-redis, but I wouldn’t advise that for someone completely new to linux and I don’t know what other dependencies that might break.

Perhaps someone else here can provide you with sufficiently detailed instructions to make it work though.