Installation of PV monitor

Hi all. For a while I’ve been looking at the PV system. Think I’m ready to go for it now! Looking at the diagrams I think I have a “Type 2” installation. I have SWA that comes from the inverter and into the Wylex PV consumer unit. Looking at the instructions I’d need to be able to clip a CT sensor around either live or neutral of that SWA feed so assume I’d need to (carefully) strip outer and section of armour to be able to separate live and neutral cores of the SWA.

Is that right or is there another way?

Image of my consumer unit cupboard for reference.

Thanks in advance.

Don’t strip back the armoured cable. You’re asking for trouble.

I’d suggest opening up the consumer unit and seeing if there’s room inside for a c.t. What is the max output of your PV system? My thoughts are if it’s less than 16 A, you may be able to get the smaller SCT006 in the consumer unit. It’s going to give better low-current performance than the SCT-013-000 anyway at those sorts of currents.

(The bad news is, you might need to pull every circuit breaker out to get the cover off!, and beware, the incoming side of the main switch will be live, and don’t forget to isolate the inverter.)

Thanks Robert. I’ll have a look inside the case and check out space.
Why do you say it would be trouble to strip the SWA? Just because of the potential to cut the cables or the breach of the ground if armour being used as CPC?

I’ll check out the space inside and see if that’s possible.


Is the meter in the bottom left for a car charger?

I would also speak to your suppler and get an external isolator fitted, this would make working inside the consumer unit much much safer.

that SWA looks about 10mm does it feed a garage or out building?

Even if the armour isn’t used as the CPC, you’d need to hacksaw round to cut the armour wires neatly, then what are you going to do with it? You’ll end up with mechanically unprotected circuit conductors. All in all, it’s a bad thing to do.

@Pukka - it looks a modern consumer unit so I’d expect the bars to be sheathed, they certainly will be on the supply side of the main isolator.

Hi Pukka. Thanks for the advice RE: isolator.

The SWA doesn’t feed anything, it’s the feed FROM the PV as the Wylex consumer unit is a combined Phase and PV unit (ie PV isolator and generation meter is part of the CU). That’s why I was saying I’d look to strip the SWA so I could access the line/neutral feed from the PV.

Yes, bottom left is an EVSE meter.


Thanks Robert. I’ve changed MCBs out before in the unit, just can’t envisage the space inside so will check again.

Will post back when I have…

Fit the 2 ct’s in the consumer unit. You can normally make it work, I got 14 ct’s in mine

Just be careful. :sunglasses: