Installation for outdoor meter

I’m only getting started with all this, and trying to determine how best to install the kit for (initially) basic monitoring.
I’ve reviewed the setup docs, which seem to indicate that the clip-on CT sensor should be installed before the electric meter (on the supply side). My issue is that in my case the electric meter is outdoors (in a white case), and I don’t have any external power so can’t really have the emonPi or emonTx outside either.
Is there any reason why I couldn’t have the clip-on on the live wire going from the meter to the fuse board (which is inside)?

No. The current transformer measures the current in the wire it is on. That’s the same (well, for all practical purposes) whichever side of the meter it is, or which end of your meter tails it is. What you need to be careful of is Henley blocks if that’s where your PV infeed connects (assuming you have PV) or where the supply splits if you have more than one consumer unit.

I don’t have PV, no. At least not yet (that’s very much on my “must have” list).
With your warning about the Henley block, I take it that you mean that if I had an infeed or supply split, and wanted to measure the whole consumption, I would have to place the CT on the pre-split or post-infeed side?

Yes, on the grid side of everything apart from the meter.

Many PV installers will use a spare way on your consumer unit if there is one, otherwise they will add Henley blocks (as a cheaper and faster solution than replacing your consumer unit with a bigger one!)