Install Showcase

I don’t think anybody has showcased their install so I thought I’d take a few pictures of my install today.
I am expanding my system to monitor local circuits and the additional PV that I’m putting on my man cave/workshop/shed.
I’ve built in temp probe in the corner of the box to give internal room temp and externally to monitor outside temperature, the power is from the intruder alarm system as that is battery backed up, effectually as good as a UPS. The wireless has been disabled and is using a local pi via direct serial to gather the data and send it to the master emonpi. Voltage sensing is built into that enclosure with the option to easily add/stack more emontx’s. The CTs are smaller ring core with the burden resistors changed to suite the circuit its monitoring, this will hopefully make it more accurate.
Any criticism is gladly recieved.



Nice setup, Dave. Very clean.