Inputs keeps on posting new inputs

i installed emoncms (last one) on a Raspberry pi 3
but when i start to update the input values, it keeps on making new ones… see att. below…
what did i do wrong?

thanks kristof!

It seems you’re missing the node id, that way an input belongs to a device. How are you presenting the input to emoncms?

Hoi hoi,

Thx for the reply!

Euhm iam using AICC program to upload it ( its a inverter controle program,
When i use the normale way, i mean the https:/ way, it works…
When i config. It with my installed version on my pi, it doenst…

How can i add a node?

Thx kristof

Hi Kristof

There is a error in the source code. The code does not have a node so when you upload it creates a new line. Did you download the app or do you have the source?




i dont have the source-code… ive downloaded the app…

but the wierd thing is that the setup with and key works with node 1
and when i do that via my PI install it doesnt work…
ive made a node 1 and node 0 , but its not posting in there , its posting in Node NoGroup

Yes as I said the issue is not with emon.
The problem lies with AICC ( the one that you downloaded) It was setup to post to the .org site and as a result it work well enough but the moment you post local it gives you a new line for every data posted.
Only way would be to look at alternative software that can handle the local server or find a way the edit the source. (PM me)

How do you know there is a error in my code ? are you using my source ?

kristof! we will add the nodeid in the Pi version and release a new version.


Hoi jaco…
Ofcourse iam using your code :wink:
Iam the guy you logged in via VM server to the PI :slight_smile:

Thx for adding it :slight_smile:
Lett me know, will test ik

Nope I am talking about Paul. Who says there is something wrong in my source code. I am just wondering how he knows what is going on in my code as he does not use our system.

kristof! I will mail you the new version to test locally before we release it worldwide.


Gentlemen, the two versions of emonCMS ( and the version that you run on your own server) are slightly different. One of the differences is as @Paul_F_Prinsloo wrote, the way they handle an input when there is no identification, the node ID, attached to the value.

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