Inputs doesn't look right

Hello people,

I am newbie with open energy.
Recently bought a emonTx V3 with 4 CT’s and pulse sensor, an emonBase Pi3 with Pre-built SD card. Hooked up everything, wifi connection ok en set time. But inputs doesn’t look right to me. After struggling with the input API help, got the Update running, but the Value is not correct or changing. Also Node 1 is showing, default node is 8 of the emonbase and looking at the log of emonhub it’s ID is 5.
Some help is wanted to put me on the right track, thank you.


Those input look like test inputs created from clicking the examples on the input api help page.

It looks like you are not seeing any inputs from your emontx. If you could go to the emonhub page within emoncms and download the log and post here, it would give us an insight into whats going on (or not, as the case may be).

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your quick response and you are right, I clicked the test links.

In that log there are 2 startups logged and in both of them there is a “Device communication error - check settings” reported for the serial connection with the rfm2pi board.

If you recently purchased the rfm2pi (rfm69pi) the baud is correct @38400, so we need to check the boards is seated correctly on the top 10 pins of the Pi’s GPIO and that the antenna is not shorting on the pins below it.

There is a very small LED on that small board that flashes each time a packet is recieved, so with your emonTx in close proximity and powered up (led flashes every 10s) is the LED on the rfm2pi board also flashing in rough sync with the emonTx?

You cculd also try power cycling the Pi and the rfm2pi rather than rebooting, sometimes that gets things moving in the right direction when stuck.

PS - could you please post the log text into the post rather than use screenshots, it makes reading and quoting from the logfile much easier. Use 3x back ticks before and after the text to format it as code eg

logfile pasted here

Hi Paul,

Right again Paul. The antenna was shorting the pins, isolate it with tape and the red light flashing for the first time. And looks insync with the emonTx.
On the input page, I see the node of the emonTx. Now I can go further with the next steps.
I appreciate your help Paul and because all of this raspberry Pi stuff is new to me, I still have much to read en learn and so hopefully don’t have to many questions for you guys.

Regards, Ger