Input problems after data migration (backup export/import)


My hardware is emonBase, not emonPi.

I was using emoncms 9.8.8 (2017/07/18) and tried the “create backup” feature available in “Setup > Backup” to export data to a file.
The tar.gz file was created successfully.

I downloaded the “emonSD-13Jun18 (Beta)” SD card image and updated the new system to emoncms 9.9.2 using the “emonBase Update” button available in “Setup > Administration” page.
I also update the database using the button “Update & check” available on the same page.

Afterwards I used the “Import Backup” button to migrate the old data to the new emoncms 9.9.2 system.
The import process was successful and the new system is running, the Feeds are working just fine and I can also access the old data without any problem.

However I found problems on the Inputs page, I cannot access the process list to add a new process or change an existing one because there are no process to use.
All the processes previously created shows the name “unsupported”.

I send one screenshot of the problem I have on the new system.

How can I fix this problem?

Rui Mendes

Hello @rmsmendes the emonSD-13Jun18 image had several issues with it. We are in the process of replacing it with a new image, which should be released next week.

The issue you see is however very similar to the one reported here: Emoncms v9.9.0+ release notes - #3

Unsupported red process list notices in input view: This is caused by browser caching of old javascript and can be fixed by clearing browser cache. Emoncms should with update 9.9.1 do this automatically but its not universally supported across browsers.

Hello Trystan,

I cleared the browser cache and the problem is solved.
Thank you.

I’m using the “emonSD-13Jun18 (Beta)” SD card image, but as you said a newer image will be released very soon.

Should I download the future SD card image and do the data migration again, or should I just use the “emonBase Update” button available in “Setup > Administration” page on my
current Beta SD card image?

What is your advice?

Rui Mendes

If you want to move to the new emonSD card image (when available) you will need to download the image then migrate your data using the backup module. The emonPi/emonBase update button will only pull in application updates rather than Linux disto and architecture changes.