Input missing data in emoncms (emonpi based)

Last night i had a problem with the serial input of data from my IotaWatts (i modified them to work serial because of the frequent wifi problems.)

Since the data is available on the IotaWatt i wanted to inport i manually.
So i exported it to csv and made a script to input it to the emoncms (running on my local emonpi) by just getting the data from the csv and creating the correct url and using file_get_contents i send it to the local emons server.

The url the php script produceds looks like:(with the correct read-write api key offcourse){volt1:227,volt2:227,volt3:228,fase1:795,fase2:1277,fase3:815,power4:380,power5:53,power6:291,power7:54,power8:110,power9:105,power10:0,power11:18,power12:0}

The feedback of the server is “ok”.

However, the data does not show up in the feeds…
Am i doing something wrong? I thought by providing the inputs it would process it to the feeds?

Is the data updating on the inputs page when you post?
Do you have input processing set-up? The input processing is the link between the inputs and the feeds, there are no assumed or default connections between input and feeds.

As a side note, using the “emonPi” node name is asking for confusion, especially if the emonPi is posting it’s own data to an “emonPi” node. Why not just use a name like “iotawatt” so you know it’s a separate node and the name better suits the source?

The name is kinde a relic :wink: : i changed the emonpi input by a IotaWatt and wanted to keep the Process list i already had setup.
The data i am posting is historic data from last night (with the timestap of then). The IotaWatt is still updating the data with the present data (current timestamp)

So i thought i just could post data with a timestamp in the past to fill the “gap” of the missing data of last night.

That’s most likely the issue. you cannot backfill. You could have posted your historical data in time/date order, but since you have posted more recent “live” data, you cannot now post data with and earlier timestamp. software’s that buffer data eg emonhub and iotawatt, always post the earliest data first.

aha, i see :wink: thats a pitty… i was hoping to be able to fill the gap