Input interval timer stored

Hello, can anyone tell where is the “Interval” timer when you create a new feed stored in Mysql? I know where al the other data is stored but I can not find how Emon knows what the timer is for the feed.



Hello @Paul_F_Prinsloo, by interval do you mean the interval that you can select with a PHPFina feed? The mysql storage engine does not fix the interval and so this setting is not required.

Hope that helps, Trystan

Hello Trystan thank you for the response.

Yes I am referring to this.

If i change the value , for instance to 5 min , how does the PHPFina feed “know” that it should use 5 min intervals and if I don’t give an interval at what interval will the data be logged , what would the default be?


The long explanation for how PHPFina works and why an interval needs to be set can be found here:

Let me know if it answers your question, if not I can try and elabourate further.

Ah thank you it makes sense now! So basically when a new feed is created the “timer” info is recorded in the .meta file that corresponds to the feed number elegant. I now also understand the method of data capture and the role of Redis much better.
Last question.
Would it be possible to edit the values in the .meta file?

Not via emoncms, and editing the meta will not change the data. The meta file “makes sense” of the data ie when it started and how frequent. changing the meta will just make the data nonsense. You can only set the meta prior to the first data.

Ok I understand , basicly the risk of “braking” the engine is way too high if you were able to change the data in the meta file.
Thank for the info guys!