Input>Feed for WiFi RSSI on emonPi2

When using WiFi to connect to the internet is there a way to capture RSSI for the WiFi network the emonPi2 is connected to? I’d like to have a RSSI input similar to the RSSI input for 433Mhz on the emonBase as this helps troubleshoot connection issues.

In searching for ways to do this there is a link that shows how to display this on a raspberryPi here, but I do not know how to turn this into an input useable by emonCMS. Has anyone done this previously or can you direct me to a post that may provide some guidance as to how to do this? Searching the community forum for a solution hasn’t yielded any results, but perhaps I am not using the right terms.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Given the data is available via the iwconfig command you’d just need a simple python script run via crontab at whatever interval you desire, parse the result to get the RSSI and then post via mqtt to the local emonhub or directly to emoncms or both.

Then create a suitable feed from the input.

Nick, thanks I will give this a go.

If you get stuck, I can help. Probably fairly trivial to adapt one of my existing scripts to do this.

I appreciate the help. I was going to ask one of interns to have a go at it as I’m not well versed in python.
Do you have a script that you could share as a starting point?