Individual Device Energy Monitors IDEMs - Logic 1

We really need to understand where our energy is being used. Only then can we stop it from being wasted, and use it effectively. Open Energy Monitors forums are doing amazing work in this area. I am hoping to build on this to develop logic to further aid the development of Individual Devices Energy Monitoring Systems. To be used in a multi-device system such as a house, business, industry, or RV’s.

The purpose of this project is to provide people with better, more usable information about the individual devices using your power in your property. We can use the data generated from this system to save, energy and save money.

If the system becomes reliable and widely used it should even help reduce national energy usage and contribute then to reducing global CO2 emissions to the atmosphere… not a small task.
… The reduction of CO2 emissions is the reason why I have decided to release this as an open-source project I hope that we can make it work and work well.
Here goes.
Scope: Logic only at this stage. My plan to lay out the logic in a way that it can be adapted for use with different hardware. The logic could be incorporated into Emon’s and EmonCM, Geo’s or other energy monitoring hardware In my house, I use a Geo display data collected from a CT clamp). The energy monitors software will need to be adapted for this new logic. If the logic works as designed, adoption of the software should be worthwhile in many applications.

The idea outlined here is to monitor the energy coming into a building’s distribution board by existing technology. Then use Fuzzy Logic - AI, to split the power usage and allocate it to individual devices around the house, showers, ovens, washing machines, tumble dryers, toasters, kettles fridges, and everything else that we use. We believe that this concept is a novel approach, using software instead of hardware, to identifying the proportion of Power used by individual devices in a “property”. With this information, we will really understand where energy is being used in our properties throughout the year. Knowledge is power. Putting you in control of the power you use.

To get started I plan to lay out the Logic… This should allow the system to be applied to any device.

            **Logic Overview**

Stage 1 Collect the Energy Incoming Data EID

Stage 2 Unidentified Devices

  • Calculate the changes in Power (Watts)
  • Log data in the Unidentified Devices Log UDL

Stage 3 Identify Devices by comparing their profile against the
Unidentified Devices profiles. Log the Device data store.

Stage 4 Transmit & Receive Individual Device Data to and from an App, or a Cloud
on demand.

        Note that  Stage 2 and Stage 3 are the parts that distinguish this system from other
        system in use for energy monitoring in properties.

Thanks to Robert Wall for his helpful advice in getting started with this community.openenergymonitor forum.

      Further information on this project to follow....