Index.php|app/setconfig.json NOT SAVED

I’m trying to troubleshoot why the settings aren’t saved in Solar PV.
Turning on Info logging in emoncms shows an entry after telling the App which feeds to use,


and after logging out and logging back in again I see


But the feed config in the app is still blank.

Can someone help me troubleshoot this further please

@glyn.hudson can you help?

I believe Glyn is on holiday. He’ll see this when he returns.

Thanks Robert, any idea when he’s back?
I’ve just rebuilt everything from Jessie onto a fresh install on Stretch and emoncms is the only thing left that’s misbehaving

Sorry, no. @Gwil can probably tell you.

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@kevin - Have you updated the database via the admin page since installing the app module?

Paul, yes I have. It was in the install guide I followed.
I also experimented with restoring the apps folder from my previous version which at least allows me to get it working albeit I have to put in the feed ID’s every time I open it. The latest version throws an error about feeds not being able to be stored in arrays whenever I select a feed, so it doesn’t work at all. I did post that into a thread some days ago but got no replies.