Incorrect voltages for all in one diybms. Correct wiring?

can someone please confirm whether or not i have the plug wired to the battery correctly.

testing with 18650 lifepo4 8s 1p.
wired like the image. and the voltages are taken from the 16pin connector.

diybms interface is report as in screenshot.

the voltages are off and the 8th battery is really low.

all batteries measured individually are ~3.2

short all the final pins i made the same mistake it’s in the github document

Yep. found it here. Thanks.

The only problem now is the reported voltages are not correct.
My multimeter shows ~3.2 while bms shows ~3.6.
Multimeter is 5v on a wall 5v power supply so i assume its correct.

Usually this is a settings issue, check the module settings to see if you can adjust the values there.

It may also be a component issue on the all-in-one board IIRC. @stuart any idea?

Have you used the correct firmware to match the voltage reference on the PCB (4.096V or 4.500V) ?

Can you check the voltage test points on the all-in-one board as well ?

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Thanks S. That was it. programmed with module_fw_V490_AUTOBAUD_VREF4096_genericSTM32F030K6T6.bin
and it’s reporting correct voltages.
50/50 chance;)))

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I have the opposite situation where all the reported cell voltages are about 0.32V below the voltages I measure at the 17pin screw terminal! The twelve cells are all between 3.61V to 3.63V measured at the screw terminal connector (and at the cells) diybms is reporting voltages between 3.291V and 3.302V, could this be a firmware issue?

Also is anyone able to confirm the LED behaviour on the 16S All in one board?
On GitHub @stuart has listed the Error LED flash sequences - does this apply only after writing the firmware or is it the same during normal operation?

I have tried two All in one boards and they both report the same low voltage and the LED is flashing but not in a constant pattern, mostly two short flashes with a wait afterwards, but sometimes up to 7 short flashes with a slightly varying wait between them.

The cells are arranged as 12S ( Samsung SDI battery module from a Range Rover Hybrid) and currently measures 43.5V across all 12 cells diybms reporting 39.59V.

Any suggestions to resolve this would be appreciated.

Have just uploaded the 4.500 firmware to both All in one boards both now read the voltages correctly.
Hopefully that is useful to others!

Would still be interested to know what the led flashes on the module board tells us but not essential.

I purchased an all in one board a couple months back and I’m finally getting around to putting it to use with a 7s 18650 pack I built. I got everything wired up correctly and all cells showed the correct voltages. However, over the course of a few hours cell 0/2 slowly decreased in voltage and cell 0/3 slowly increased. I checked each cell with a meter at the connector and they ALL show around 3.8v to 3.9v. The web interface shows voltage values that are within .01 volt of what I found with my meter on all cells except 0/2 and 0/3. Could this be a hardware issue? Does anyone have any recommendations as to how I would start troubleshooting this?