Incorrect voltages for all in one diybms. Correct wiring?

can someone please confirm whether or not i have the plug wired to the battery correctly.

testing with 18650 lifepo4 8s 1p.
wired like the image. and the voltages are taken from the 16pin connector.

diybms interface is report as in screenshot.

the voltages are off and the 8th battery is really low.

all batteries measured individually are ~3.2

short all the final pins i made the same mistake it’s in the github document

Yep. found it here. Thanks.

The only problem now is the reported voltages are not correct.
My multimeter shows ~3.2 while bms shows ~3.6.
Multimeter is 5v on a wall 5v power supply so i assume its correct.

Usually this is a settings issue, check the module settings to see if you can adjust the values there.

It may also be a component issue on the all-in-one board IIRC. @stuart any idea?

Have you used the correct firmware to match the voltage reference on the PCB (4.096V or 4.500V) ?

Can you check the voltage test points on the all-in-one board as well ?

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Thanks S. That was it. programmed with module_fw_V490_AUTOBAUD_VREF4096_genericSTM32F030K6T6.bin
and it’s reporting correct voltages.
50/50 chance;)))

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