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Including approximated COP into the my Heatpump App

We have now finalised the first draft of the simple energy monitor guide and are moving on to the heat pump monitoring guide. In the OEM guide, the heat pump monitoring section (Heat Pump Monitoring - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor) mentions 3 levels of monitoring:

  • Electricity Consumption

  • System temperatures

  • Flow rate & Heat metering

Once you have the system temperatures you are capable of making an approximation of the COP. However, this cannot be done currently by creating a “my heatpump” app and disabling the heat feeds. Is there any way that this could be added to the current app so that beginners and those that are happy with the approximated value (for COP and maybe heat output) can make use of the app?

To make it easier for beginners we are excluding the dashboard and graph modules. Therefore, it would be very useful for this to be included.

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