Include files missing in git


Just tried to compile current files and there are 2 include files missing called in web_server.h


Raised this on git. Don’t know if they should be in the repository or are missing from my Arduino setup.


@ian think you posted in the wrong section, this is EmonSD not EmonESP.

There are actually 3 libraries “missing” but you must have the 3rd library already installed on your system. If you use the released versions of EmonESP they include the libraries, it’s just the master that doesn’t include them.

Thanks. Must get my eyes tested. I got the files from the git repository pointed to in the emonESP guide. Can you tell me how do you get the released files?


Almost every GitHub repository has a link towards top centre labelled X Releases and this is where it takes you for EmonESP Releases · openenergymonitor/EmonESP · GitHub

X Releases being the number of official released versions of the repository and currently X being 17 for EmonESP. Some people don’t use master copies of GitHub because they haven’t been officially released and may contain bugs, but you could same the same about official releases to be honest.