Inactive feeds

Hi I have a number of Emonpi’s monitoring two buildings. The first two I set up and had an ethernet connection straight away provided, so they have been logging successfully and I am able to veiw the data remotely on All good there. The other two Pi’s are in another building are logging ok and I have been dropping in to download the data. Today I finally got the network people to give me a connection which I test with them and it works, however, when I try and view the data via I get innactive in all my feeds! I know the units worked as I set them up in my office pre instal on site and I could access them then. Any ideas, do I need to reset something?

Thanks in advance.


It sounds like it’s just a connectivity issue from the new building. Looks like you need to revisit the Pi and check it’s still connected and can access the outside world.

Thanks, but the internet connection is good, I can access the outside from it on my laptop and the Emon Pi registers the IP on it.


Can you access from the Pi in its new location?
Perhaps it’s filtering getting in the way if it’s a commercial building?

Thanks, I will try when I am next in that building but it is on a switch that serves residences.