In MySolar App Consumption follows Production levels

Hi All.
I am a little new to monitoring my PV energy, and after setting up my monitoring system I got some results using MySolar App that looks strange to me. I was able to set up the system with an emonbase plus two CT one to the production and one on the consumption.
I posted a screenshot from MySolar App where you can see in the early morning the line of the consumption, and the PV in yellow displaying almost zero as there is no production. As soon as the sun comes out the yellow production line grows quite a lot, but as it does the consumption line, following the production in its ups and downs.
Shouldn’t it follow just the consumption?
Did I set anything wrongly in the feeds? Anybody can help me, please?
Thank you so much


Hi @mboglioni

I was having a different problem with my Emonpi & Emon TX3, but after following the tutorial that @TrystanLea sent me, it cured the problem I had. My suggestion would be to delete all the feeds you set up and start from scratch again, I couldn’t get it to work until I did, as soon as I started from scratch and followed this guide, everything worked just as it should. :wink:

All you need to do is decide if your solar setup is type 1 or type 2, mine is type 2.

Try this and see if it works, if not I am sure there will be others along to help.

Thank you Carl for your answer.
That is what I followed setting up the metering system, but I take your advise to start over deleting feeds and see if it fixes the weird behavior. I might put more effort in understanding the type.

Make sure you delete everything on both your emonbase and emoncms, in my enthusiasm to get it to work straight away after getting my kit, I had inadvertently set up duplicate feeds on both my local and remote locations so trying to fault find was quite a challenge. After deleting everything and removing all feeds I started again and followed type 2 setup, (what ‘type’ do you have) just out of interest? I knew it had worked straight away as the ‘my solar’ app auto populated all the boxes. :wink:

Type 1 is where you measure ONLY the house consumption and ONLY the PV infeed.
Type 2 is where you measure the COMBINED grid consumption/export and the PV infeed.

Therefore, Type 1 is suitable where you know the direction of energy flow and it is always the same.
For Type 2, the energy flow in the Grid connection can reverse.

I think most people will have a Type 2 installation, because it is rare for the PV infeed to connect at a place so that you can put a c.t. where it will measure only the house consumption.

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