Impossible create feed for SOC

i have all input of my BMV victron 700 but when i create a feed of soc (log - phpfina - 10s)
i have a feed 0b NULL n/a
what i doing wrong ?


second feed don’t actualise and it’s green color

can be sized feed problems?

I have a account 4,60£ for 4 feed, no ?

help me please


Is the data being sent to emoncms every 10s? If no new data is sent, there is nothing to record so a NULL will be recorded.

Now i try without time with nomt feed

I have create 3 feeds

but it doesn’t write “log” between the input nomt and PPV
SOC input function normaly

thanks for you help

i try explain the problem
in the web page

input function normaly (every 30 minuts it’s give me new value)

three feeds are created but only one functions
log are not present in input for two feed that don’t function

my account is positive for 3 feeds

i see that size of one feed increase every day 196 KB and othe 0 B and 16B

i don’t understand what is it wrong

On your screenshot, I can see only one input, “SOC”, that is being logged to a feed. For each input that you want to record, you must log each one individually to a different feed. Until you do that, the feed does not receive the data and it cannot record it.

There is another problem. You should set up your PHPFINA feed to record every 30 minutes. If you have a feed set at 10 s, in the feed you will have one value, then 179 NULL values, then the next value, then 179 more NULL values…

Or, could you use the PHPTIMESERIES feed? For each value that arrives, this stores the value and the time of arrival. It uses more bytes to store the data, but it only uses bytes for each piece of data that it receives. It will use much less than the PHPFINA feed does when recording nothing every 10 s.

I know you are new here, please do not start a new thread if you still have the same problem.


i have try to create a new input with phptimewseries and it’s works normaly

i dont understand because i have try it before but the important it’s all right

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