Importing local installation to

first of all I want to say thanks to everyone involved in this project. It got me really interested and I managed some things in programming and data handling I wouldn´t know I was able to do.
I have been using a local installation of emoncms for quite a time. I am reading data from a one wire counter module to the database by using a Raspberry Pi.
Since I have problems with my local installation I would like to change my data storage and processing from my local server to My questions are:

  • Can I import my settings from the local database to the online version?
  • Can I import my stored data from the local database to the online version?

Thanks for the infos!

Unfortunately thre are no import facilities to

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Sorry to hear that. I will lose my stored data from one year, but that be it…
Thanks for the answer!

But you can continue to send your data to both local emonCMS and

Could do that. But I want to close down my local installation because of data saving and update issues.
Perhaps I will just keep it as it is as data storage.