Import from USB port

My emonpi stopped rebooting after a power failure…SD card was corrupted. Followed procedure to repair the old sd card after creating a new sd card but when I go to import the data from the old sd card after plugging it into the pi usb port Backup does not seem to recognize the card. The only option that comes up in Backup is to import from my windows desktop.

Anyone have any idea why the option to import from the USB port won’t appear??

It could simply be the card is unrecoverable. The repair procedures are not guaranteed.

Can you actually see the card mounted from the command line? (Google is your friend).

OK Thanks for your response! I’m guessing the latest image is out of date because after deciding to do a total upgrade…voila the pi recognized the usb port and I was able to resurrect my emonpi! What a relief…problem solved

Take a backup! The new images do take a while to do a full update on first install.