Import from USB failure

Hi there
Upgrading to the new 2020 image, have logged in and set up wifi without problem. When I come to Import old data from USB it starts well and then I get message
Can’t connect to database, please verify credentials/configuration in settings.ini Error message: Unknown database 'emoncms’
Then I cannot go toi emonhub to check anything as whatever I do just repeats the message. I tried to SSH in with Putty to see if I could view settings.ini that way but connection refused

Any pointers gratefully received :slight_smile:

Hi Jeremy, I know there are a couple of threads on this issue. Did you have a search? I think @TrystanLea had a suggested solution.

Problems with restore from USB - #4 by TrystanLea might help.

Many thanks Brian
I had searched but missed this. Changing to a card reader with a single slot did the trick and it’s up and running now. A couple of minor things seem broken (Octopus Agile app for instance) but I’ll tinker with it and am sure I can fix. As a bonus I’ve got it running BOINC now so it’s using spare cycles to find a cure for Covid.

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It’s a Virus, there is no ‘cure’ only the possibility of a vaccine so it doesn’t affect you (looking increasingly unlikely in the short term - usual vaccine techniques seem to be ineffective).

Have a look at the work of distributed bio and Dr Jacob Glanville.
They’ve computationally engineered 5 molecules that are effective at rendering the SARS-CoV-2 virus inert. They’re calling it a therapeutic vice a vaccine.

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