Impact of user behaviour


As we’re all trying to optimise our systems I though it’d be worth stepping back and looking at how the system’s behaviour is impacted by user behaviour.

Here are two 24-hour periods where I ran our heat pump in my normal highly optimised way and also in the default “let’s just leave it on” mode.


On "all the time"

You can see a marked difference between them.

I wanted to mention that we do tend to focus on CoP, but the difference is only 3.46 versus 2.97 so from a CoP point of view it’s not so different. However if you look at absolute cost it’s 1.31 versus 2.93 so that’s a massive difference. It means that I’m often sacrificing CoP to have a lower absolute cost. There have been times where I could run my system in a way that got me an even better CoP but it would have actually cost more money to run it that way.